Thursday, September 25, 2008

8th Challenge Completed

This isn't really a reading challenge, but it has to do with reading blogs so I thought it could be included in my challenges.

The Bloghopping Challenge is just that...bloghopping. It is being hosted by Alpha Heroes and I am copying the rules from her post.


  1. Starting here, find a linked blog that you’ve never been to before. It does not have to be book-related. If none of the links in my sidebar are new to you, hit the BBAW list and start there.

  2. Go to the blog you’ve chosen and browse through the posts until you find something you find interesting. Leave a comment. Mention where you found the link. Mention of this challenge is optional.

  3. Using the links in THAT blog, repeat. If you find yourself somewhere that does not have any new-to-you links, go back to the BBAW list. Be sure to leave a comment in each location, mentioning where you found their site linked.

  4. Repeat until you have visited 10 new blogs.

  5. Write a post on your blog showing your bloghopping trail. Content is up to you; you can highlight your favorites, critique the sites, or just post the list of 10. I recommend you open up a word document (or whatever you use) and list out the urls as you go. It's really REALLY easy to get distracted doing this and lose track of where you were.

  6. I’d love it if you link back to this post.

  7. Optional: add your favorites to your own sidebar, or temporarily put up a blogroll widget with the 10 sites you visited.

  8. Optional: Come back here and leave a link to your post in comments.
This sounds like a great idea and here is my blog trail....

Romance Rookie - chosen at random from the BBAW List. Not any I read through some of her comments and chose a commenter to visit. I tried to leave a comment on one of her posts, but it wouldn't allow me to post it. Hopping over to...

Natuschan - books, books and more books - She is another romance reader (I love this genre) and I look forward to reading more of her posts. Hopping over to...

Dev's Good Reads - From looking at her sidebar - she has listed a lot of authors that I enjoy. I even found a couple of books to add to my TBR . Hopping over to...

Nose in a Book - Another romance blog (are you catching a theme here??? LOL) Hopping over to...

The Book Smugglers - Awesome reviews on Lisa Kleypas books (it is Lisa Kleypas week over there). Ana and Thea write fantastic reviews and I can't wait to read more of them! Hopping over to...

Scooper Speaks - Reviews on nonfiction, historical romance, paranormal, and contemporary. Hopping over to...

Shape Shifter Romance - I think the name speaks for itself! Unfortunately, no links :( So, hopping back to the BBAW list.

Book Junkie Melissa - She's a reviewer at a couple of sites but wanted her own review blog. From what I see...she reviews romance and mystery. I have been to all her blog I have to go back to the BBAW list and try again.

Amy's Corner of the World - Loved this little blog - and the fact that she is from Ohio!! Go Buckeyes! Hopping over to...

Rip My Bodice - Need I say more!!!

Well, that concludes my trip around the blog world - came across a lot of sites that I added to my Google Reader!!!

Thank you Alpha Heroes for hosting such a fantastic challenge!!!

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i found you through the BlogHopping Challenge!

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