Monday, December 29, 2008

On The Porch Swing 2009

I joined this challenge last year and came up one book short. However, I had so much fun finding books to meet the categories that I decided to join again. The On The Porch Swing challenge is intended for those who belong to the Yahoo Group, but really anyone can participate. Although I do recommend joining the group because there are a great bunch of people over there.

Here are the categories for the challenge:

  1. Pick a title with the word "marriage" in it.
  2. Pick a title with word "friends" in it.
  3. Pick a title with the word "summer" or "winter" in it.
  4. Pick a title with a flower name in it.

Doesn't seem too hard does it? So come on and join the fun!!

  1. Bought: One Night, One Marriage - Natalie Anderson 1/11/09; Review

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samantha.1020 said...

Kara, I keep finding all of these challenges from you. AACK! I'm in this group but haven't joined the challenge and now I probably will. Thanks for the heads up :)