Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buy One Book and Read It

Amy at My Friend Amy's is hosting the Buy One Book and Read It challenge and you can read about it here. So, this month instead of buying one book, I bought four. They were four Harlequin Presents books and I am going to be reviewing them because I am also a participant in the Read & Review challenge.

Ruthless Tycoon, Innocent Wife by Helen Brooks (Dec 2008). I love Helen Brooks' books - they are warm sensual reads...the hero and heroine usually wait until marriage before giving into the passion they feel for each other. This one fit the bill and doesn't fail to deliver. Marianne will do anything to save her home after her parents death. Rafe knows this and comes to the rescue with the financial backing to turn it into a bed and breakfast. But it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart. There is no love lost between Rafe and Marianne's family - will they overcome his hatred? I enjoyed this book - it was a light, quick read that makes you feel good in the end. Yes, the hero and heroine have their issues, and you don't know it they can overcome them - but in the end love conquers all. Rating: 3/5

Bought: One Night, One Marriage by Natalie Anderson (Dec 2008). Cally wins a date with tycoon Blake McKay - her friend bids on him for her - but Cally doesn't want the date. Blake, determined to experience the fiery passion hidden beneath Cally's cool exterior, forces the issue and then buys another date with her. Their passion ignites after one date - but neither suspected it would end with marriage. This was a tear jerker - Cally was insecure due to her mother's domineering ways and critical analysis of Cally's looks, life, and personality. Blake is the true knight in shining armor - helping Cally to realize that she was a sensual passionate woman. There are unwanted results from their night of passion, and they deal with them with maturity and responsibility. But life has a way of pulling the rug out from underneath them - and the consequences are devastating. Rating: 3/5

His Mistress, His Terms by Trish Wylie (Dec 2008). They shared one night of passion, thinking they would never see each other again. But months later circumstances throw the two of them together as boss and employee. Alex wants her in his bed his mistress and Merrow agrees as long as there are no strings attached. However, as time progresses, Alex begins to want more. This was a quick and funny read. I liked the interaction between Alex and saucy Merrow. She didn't believe their two families could mesh together - Alex's family was high society and hers - well, her parents run a sex therapy retreat, her mother being a Tantra Master. Hilarious. Rating: 2.5/5

The Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress by Sandra Marton (Dec 2008). Sheikh Salim thinks his mistress, Grace, has left his bed with ten million dollars of his money and company secrets. He sets out to find her, bring her back, and make her pay. Grace walks out on her job and on her affair with Salim thinking that he is tiring of her. Little does she know that he is on her trail accusing her of embezzlement. This book has everything, a Sheikh, plane crash, amnesia, and a little bit of intrigue. It wasn't one of my favorite books - I am not into the amnesia thing, however I do love a sexy Sheikh! Rating: 2.5/5