Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dark Dream - Christine Feehan

Title: Dark Dreamers
Authors: Christine Feehan, Marjorie M. Liu
Published: 2006
Publisher: Dorchester
Pages: 342 (182, 160)
Genres: Paranormal (Vampire, Psychic)

Dark Dream by Christine Feehan is part of the Dark Dreamers anthology. It's the 7th book in her Dark series - the dark and tortured Carpathian warriors whose only hope from turning vampire is to find their true lifemate.

I haven't read Marjorie M. Liu's A Dream of Stone & Shadow because it is part of her Dirk & Steele series and I haven't got to this one yet - I am still reading the earlier books. And being the compulsive person that I am - I have to read a series in order.

However, I wanted to get up a review of Dark Dream because it was such an excellent read. Even though I recommend that you read this series in order so that you can appreciate the recurring characters and more in-depth background of the Carpathians, Christine Feehan gives you enough information that you can read this as a standalone. If you haven't read her series yet, this novella will give you a great introduction. The characters are well-developed, and you get a chance to revisit some awesome characters from her previous books.

Falcon is one of the ancient Carpathian warriors who was commanded to go out and rid the world of vampires. However, he has lived thousands of years and in all that time he has tried to keep the darkness at bay. The darkness that, if he lets take over, will turn him into the evil thing that he hunts. He has decided to go home to the Carpathian mountains to end his existence. That is until he sees Sara - his lifemate, the only one who can save him from the darkness.

Sara has known Falcon for years - in her dreams. Yet, when she first sees him she fears that he is the vampire who has hunted her for fifteen years. After hearing his story and trusting her heart, she embarks on a journey with Falcon where their love for each other grows. But will it last? Will she be able to save Falcon from the darkness - will Falcon be able to save her from the vampire?

You can read my full review here.

Rating: 4.5/5
Pages: 182
Completed: 1/26/09

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samantha.1020 said...

I've never read any of this series but I recently read the first book in the game series. It was called Shadow Game and it was okay. This series sounds a lot more interesting so I'll have to check it out ;)