Friday, May 21, 2010

Instant Attraction - Jill Shalvis

Title:  Instant Attraction
Author:  Jill Shalvis
Publisher:  Kensington Brava
Published:  2009
Pages:  302
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series:  Wilder Brothers - Book #1

There is just something about Jill Shalvis' writing that warms my heart, makes me laugh (in a good way), and brings tears to my eyes. Her characters endear themselves to me so that I think about them long after I have read her books. I love the witty dialogue, the laugh out loud moments, the scorching passion, and the tender romance. Instant Attraction excels at all that and more. It is the first book in a trilogy and is the story of the youngest Wilder brother, Cameron. I can't wait to get my hands on the second one so that I can continue to be a part of the "world" that Jill Shalvis has created. And also to get to know some new characters as well as revisit the old.

Katie Kramer has always been a "good girl." However, after surviving a devastating accident, she longs for adventure and "amazing sex."  (LOL) So she takes off from L.A. and heads up into the Sierra Madre Mountains to take on a temporary position as bookkeeper for Wilder Adventures and Expeditions. I really enjoyed Katie...she didn't back down from a situation just because her fears got in the way. She plowed through her feelings and came out stronger and more self-reliant on the other side. Her grit and determination to not let the accident rule her life were two of the things that made her such a great character.

Cameron Wilder is the prodigal brother...returning after wandering the world to come to terms with his life-changing accident. After giving up his dreams of professional snow boarding and still not sure he will ever have a new "dream," he returns home to face his family. Even though they welcome him with open arms, he doesn't know where he fits in with his brothers' business...or doesn't even know if he wants to be a part of it. His heart is off limits to everyone..."Still, Katie's killer smile triggers something deep in his gut...among other places." He is determined to show her how "exhilarating" life can be...and she is determined to show him how to open his heart again.

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Rating: 4/5
Pages: 302
Completed: 3/27/10

Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge 2010

Summer's almost here and it is time to start planning for that Summer Reading Challenge. It is being hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer Reads and runs from June 21, 2010 to September 21, 2010. You choose what books you want to read and how many you want to complete this summer. So head on over and check Susan's blog out and while you are there...sign up for the challenge.

Here is my list:
  1. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich
  2. The Ocean Between Us by Susan Wiggs
  3. All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
  4. Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris
  5. Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
  6. Glory in Death by J.D. Robb
  7. Eyes of Prey by John Sandford
  8. Linda Lael Miller
  9. Sharon Sala
  10. Amanda Ashley

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fragile - Shiloh Walker

Title:  Fragile
Author:  Shiloh Walker
Publisher:  Berkley
Published:  2009
Pages:  346
Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Hero:  Luke Rafferty
Heroine:  Devon Manning

What a truly excellent, fantastic book!!! Wish I had started reading Shiloh Walker's work a long time ago. Fragile is filled with scorching passion, intense suspense, and I was kept guessing until the very end as to how it would all wrap up. The pages kept turning, I just couldn't put it down. There is a follow-up story, Broken, that was just as good if not better...but that is for a later review.

Devon's youth was filled with tragedy, trouble, and heartache. As a teenager, she didn't handle it well, but help came in the form of a dedicated social worker. Wanting to be that kind of help for others, Devon became a social worker herself rescuing children that need her the most. I loved Devon's strength of character, overcoming great odds, and becoming a woman whose compassionate, loving, and dedicated to her job. However, she has a vulnerable side to her also, unable to form relationships with others.

Luke has been searching for a normal life ever since leaving the Rangers six years ago. Working in a hospital, Luke "is faced with things just as heartbreaking as those on the battlefield."  After meeting Devon, Luke thinks he has found what he is looking for...but breaking through her emotional barriers will be his toughest battle yet. Luke makes a great hero...he is so dedicated to getting through to Devon without hurting her. He is patient, understanding, and totally into protecting her when her life is threatened. Not knowing who is behind the threats...he goes into total Ranger mode. Love, love, love Luke!!

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Rating: 4.5/5
Pages:  346
Completed: 3/21/10

Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts

Title:  Savor the Moment
Author:  Nora Roberts
Publisher:  Berkley
Published:  2010
Pages:  325
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series:  Bride Quartet - Book #3

Hero:  Delaney Brown
Heroine:  Laurel McBane

Another good book in the Bride Quartet series! Laurel is the baker of the group in charge of wedding cakes and other confectionary delights for the weddings that Vows plans. I loved learning about the intricacies of cake decorating, dealing with brides, and all that goes into making the perfect wedding cake. Each book focuses on a different aspect of planning a wedding. Nora Roberts does an excellent job with expertly weaving the details of each aspect throughout the book without giving too much detail that overshadows the storyline.

Laurel is the more low-key, practical friend of the foursome. She believes in romance...but in theory only. Her no nonsense approach to relationships is so different from Emma's romantic dreams in book two.  Delaney is the lawyer for the company.  He is also the older brother to one of the friends and has always considered all the ladies as his sisters. He was always protective of them while they were growing up. So, he is very concerned when his thoughts turn to romance in regards to Laurel. After the kiss they share in her kitchen, he just can't quit thinking about her. Little does he know that Laurel has had a crush on him since she was a teenager. They decide on a platonic dating relationship for a month...didn't want to muddy their friendship with sex if it wasn't going to work out between the two of them.

I loved how this story ended...great beach scene, perfect amount of romance, and of course, a teary moment for those of us who love Happily Ever Afters.

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Rating:  4.5/5
Pages: 325
Completed:  5/4/10

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bed of Roses - Nora Roberts

Title:  Bed of Roses
Author:  Nora Roberts
Publisher:  Berkley
Published:  2009
Pages:  335
Genre:  Romance
Series:  Bride Quartet - Book #2

Hero:  Jack Cooke
Heroine:  Emma Grant

Out of the three Bride Quartet books that I have read, I think that Emma's story was my favorite. Her hopes and dreams about romance and marriage match my own, so I really connected with the her. Not only did I love the background information on flower arranging and all the ins and outs of preparing flowers for a wedding, I enjoyed the interaction between the friends in all the books.

For those that haven't heard about this is about four childhood friends that grow up and form a wedding planning company together. Each book is about one of the friends and finding their happily ever after. Emma's story is filled with laughter, angst and a tear-jerker of an ending. Jack's insecurities about commitment has Emma questioning whether he is her Mr. Right. Jack has been a long-time friend of the women, so he is a little apprehensive of dating Emma. Yet, the sparks fly when they finally get together...but is the commitment that Emma longs for going to get in the way? The ending scene is simply perfect and will have romance lovers grabbing a tissue or two.

You can read my full review at World According to Books.


Rating: 4.75/5
Pages:  335
Completed:  4/10/10