Thursday, July 31, 2008

6th Completed Challenge

WOW - another challenge completed. I really enjoyed this one and tried to make it a light, easy one for me. I met my goal of reading 7 books, most of them were novellas, but they were books that I had to read for other challenges.

1. Rules of Prey - John Sandford
2. Irish Thoroughbred - Nora Roberts
3. Irish Rose - Nora Roberts
4. Untamed - Nora Roberts
5. Sam's Letters to Jennifer - James Patterson
6. The Rescue - Nicholas Sparks
7. The Australian's Housekeeper Bride - Lindsay Armstrong

My original list of books with links to my thoughts on them can be found here.

MrsS over at Blue Achipelago decided it would be fun to answer a few wrap up questions.

1. Did you discover a new author?

Yes, I had never read anything by John Sandford before. I absolutely loved Rules of Prey. I also found out something interesting about another author - even though James Patterson is not a new to me author - I did read a book in a genre that I never knew he wrote - romance.

2. Where was the most unusual place you found yourself reading?

No place unusual this month. But I was up really really late trying to finish a couple of books.

3. Did you read more than usual?

No, 7 books is a good number for me when I am in school. I get a break in September, so I am hoping to increase that number and get back on track for my 100+ Books a Year challenge.

4. Did you give up anything in order to read more?

Yes, I gave up some study time - I should of had my nose in my school books and not my TBR stack. LOL.

5. If you won the Amazon voucher, what would you spend it on?

I would buy a few books off my wish list or get a couple of books for my kids to read.

6. Would you like to see a 2009 Book Blowout?

Yes, this challenge was great fun and I would definitely join another one.