Monday, November 10, 2008

Pub Challenge 2009

I have almost completed my 2008 Pub Challenge and have had a great time challenging myself with that one. So, I have decided to continue along the same lines and compete in the 2009 challenge.

The rules are to read a minimum of 9 books published in 2009 (5 of which must be fiction). ARCs are okay, however children and YA adults are not acceptable because we are at "the Pub." It must be the first time that book is published in your own country. Also trade paperbacks and mass market paperbacks do not count if there was a hard bound published before 2009.

For clearer instructions go see Michelle at 1morechapter to read about the challenge.

Here is my list:

1. Daring the Moon - Sherrill Quinn 2/2/09; Review
2. The Italian's Ruthless Marriage Command - Helen Bianchin 2/25/09; Review
3. Simple Wishes - Lisa Dale 4/1/09; Review
4. Montana Creeds: Logan - Linda Lael Miller 4/1/09; Review
5. Hot Flash - Kathy Carmichael 4/30/09; Review
6. The Inn at Eagle Point - Sherryl Woods 5/7/09; Review
7. Love at First Flight (ARC) - Marie Force 6/9/09; Review
8. While My Sister Sleeps - Barbara Delinsky 6/12/09; Review

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Anonymous said...

Great to have you again, Kara!