Monday, November 10, 2008

Night's Kiss - Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley's Night's Kiss will appeal to all kinds of paranormal fans. It has vampires, witches, and time travel, all in a contemporary setting.

After living for centuries, Roshan DeLongpre decides to meet the sunlight and end his lonely existence. Visiting his library one last time, he comes across a book on witchcraft. Flipping through the pages, he is captivated by a picture of a woman being burned at the stake. She so intrigues him that he gives up his quest of ending his life and begins to research the identity of the woman.

Brenna Flanagan leads a quiet life in a village outside of Salem. She spends her days healing the sick, making potions for the villagers, and dreaming of finding love. When Roshan suddenly appears from the future telling her that she is in danger, she is intrigued yet fearful. After sending him away, the villagers come to her home and accuse her of being a witch. Will Roshan be able to save her? Will Roshan's infatuation with Brenna blind him to an ever-increasing danger - danger to them both? Because someone knows who they both are - someone who wants their power for his own.

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Rating: 3/5
Pages: 345
Completed: 11/06/08