Friday, November 14, 2008

Genre Challenge 2009

I think this will be a fun challenge and help me to read outside my comfort zone.

This challenge is being hosted by Bookworms and Tea Lovers. Here are the rules taken from their post:

This challenge will run from November 1 2008 – November 1 2009

The goal:

To read one book in the following genres: crime fiction, detective fiction,
mystery fiction, horror fiction, thriller fiction, romance fiction, science fiction, action/adventure fiction, fantasy fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and western fiction. Specific definitions of these genres can be found in this post.

There are three options if you want to join:

A: Read 10 books, drop the genre you read the most and one of your own choosing

B: Read 11 books, drop the genre you read the most

C: Read 12 books

Go to the Genre Challenge to read more about it and sign up.

I am going to choose optionc C - Read 12 books.
  1. Historical - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon 1/19/09; Review
  2. Fantasy - Dark Dream by Christine Feehan 1/26/09; Review
  3. Romance - Tallchief by Dinah McCall 2/8/09; Review