Wednesday, December 24, 2008

16th Challenge Completed

I finished this one at the end of November. The 2nds Challenge objective was to read a second book of a "new to you" author. Since it was only a September to December challenge, the commitment was 4 books.

The 4 books I read were:

  1. Night's Kiss by Amanda Ashley
  2. Summer's Child by Luanne Rice
  3. Only By Your Touch by Catherine Anderson
  4. My Lord's Desire by Margaret Moore

For the most part, the second books were just as good as the first. I was more impressed with the first book I read of Luanne Rice than I was with Summer's Child. I absolutely loved the first book...Light of the Moon. I will definitely continue reading these authors and look forward to more great stories.

Thanks Joy, at Thoughts of Joy, for this fun challenge. Unfortunately, she will not be hosting the 2nds Challenge next year. However, J.Kaye is picking up the reigns and will be conducting this challenge at her blog.

For the links to all my reviews on these books...take a peek at my original post.