Monday, December 1, 2008

Series Season 3 Challenge

I joined Series Season 2 this year, but I wasn't able to complete it - had so many other books to read - my series reading was pushed aside. So, I am joining Series Season 3 Challenge for next year and am definitely going to get back to my series.

This challenge is being hosted by Kathrin and the rules are easy. Pick a couple of series that you have started and want to complete (meaning you'll be up to date with the series at the end of this challenge). You need to read at least 4 books. And then post a comment with either your review or a link to your review.

The challenge runs from 12/1/08 to 11/30/09.

Here is a list of the series I would like to get caught up:

1). Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
2). Harper Connelly Series by Charlaine Harris
3). The Arcane Society Series by Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick

By no means is this a list of all the series I am reading - these are the only series that I think I am close enough to finishing within a year.

To see a list of all the series I am reading - I have created a blog listing them - Life is a Series.

I will post a list of the books below:

  1. Arcane Society - Sizzle and Burn - Jayne Ann Krentz 2/3/09; Review
  2. Night Series - Night's Touch - Amanda Ashley 3/17/09; Review
  3. Kismet Knight - The Vampire Shrink - Lynda Hilburn 3/22/09; Review