Thursday, March 19, 2009

Night's Touch - Amanda Ashley

Title: Night's Touch
Author: Amanda Ashley
Publisher: Zebra
Published: 2007
Pages: 346
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire/Witches
Series: Sequel to Night's Kiss

This is what I would consider a light read with some suspenseful action in it. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that is the only way I can describe it. The suspenseful parts weren't the nail biting, sit on the edge of your seat type that some vampire novels have. There was some tension in the story since Cara didn't know her parents or the guy she was dating were vampires. However, that's about it.

Once again, as with the last book I read in this series Night's Kiss, I did not like the ending. It ended with no resolution to some of the subplots, and it was rather abrupt. I felt like saying, "That's it?...Well, what about...?"

However, I did like Vincent - he was a relatively new vampire, and was unsure how to tell Cara about being a vampire without scaring her off. She didn't react well when she heard her parents were vampires - so he wasn't about to tell her that he was one. I enjoyed the fact that Roshan and Brenna (Cara's parents) from Night's Kiss were part of this book. The evil that stalked them was connected with the evil in Night's Kiss but with a different twist.

A year ago, Vincent had a chance encounter that left him "with unimaginable powers, a hellish thirst, and an aching loneliness he's sure will never end..." That is until he meets Cara - her "beauty and bewitching innocence call to his mind, his heart...his blood." Sensing the Dark Gift in her parents, he knows "that the only thing more dangerous than the enemy waiting to seek its vengeance is the secret carried by those Cara trusts the most..."

All in all it was a good read up until the ending. You can read my full review here.

Rating: 3/5
Pages: 346
Completed 3/17/09