Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home Fires - Luanne Rice

Title: Home Fires
Author: Luanne Rice
Publisher: Bantam
Published: 1995
Pages: 304
Genre: Romance

This is an older book of Luanne Rice's, but it still doesn't fail to pull at the heart strings. She writes about what matters most in a family - love, acceptance, forgiveness, and tenderness.

I love the character Thomas Devlin. He is so compassionate, tender, understanding, and yet full of an inner strength that makes him an excellent hero. The way he treats Anne and helps her through the pain of losing her four-year-old daughter brings tears to your eyes.

Anne has to overcome the greatest of tragedies - that of losing your own child. After suffering that loss, she comes to find out that her husband is having an affair. She retreats to her childhood island home. Thomas has his on scars - both physical and emotional. He is a firefighter, but was unable to save his wife from a fire that left him with numerous scars all over his body and face. The path for Thomas and Anne isn't an easy one, and it is filled with ups and downs - but in the end...well, you conquerors all.

Not only is the main story a good one, but the secondary plots get you pulled into the story too. Maggie, Anne's niece, is trying to navigate the many obstacles of being a teen. Running around with the wrong crowd has her questioning what she really wants out of life. It is captivating to watch her grow through her mistakes and accomplishments.

You can read my full review here.

Rating: 3/5
Pages: 304
Completed: 3/27/09