Monday, August 4, 2008

Naming Conventions Challenge

I discovered a new book challenge hosted by Maria at Reading My Way Through Life. It is the Naming Conventions Challenge.

It starts on September 1st and lasts as long as your first name is (if your first name is 4 letters - then it lasts 4 months). You'll see why by reading further.

Write down your first name (or the name you go by). Then you choose which one you want to do (or you can do all three):

1. For each letter in your name - pick an author whose last name begins with that letter.

2. For each letter in your name - pick an author whose first name begins with that letter.

3. For each letter in your name - pick a book that starts with that letter.

Easy...right?? The books can be read in any order and at any time during the challenge...the books can only be used once - but the author can be repeated.

Here is my list:

I go by the name of Kara so...

K - Kurland, Lynn - Stardust of Yesterday 9/26/08; Review
A - Anderson, Catherine - Annie's Song 9/1/08; Review
R - Rice, Luann - Summer's Child 9/1/08; Review
A - Andersen, Susan - Cutting Loose 9/19/08; Review

and since I have 4 letters in my name, the challenge will last 4 months for me.

I am going to do the last name of the author first - then if I have time - I am going to do the other two choices.

Thanks Maria for hosting this challenge!!!

Here is the first name of authors...

K - Kresley Cole - If You Dare 2/18/09; Review
A - Amanda Ashley - Dead Sexy 2/12/09; Review
R - Robyn Carr - Virgin River 2/17/09; Review


Maria said...

Welcome to the challenge Kara! I'm glad you wanted to join in :)

Hope you like Outlander (I see you're currently reading it) - it's one of my all-time favourite books.

Lynda said...

I've just joined this challenge too: