Monday, February 23, 2009

On Mystic Lake - Kristin Hannah

Title: On Mystic Lake
Author: Kristin Hannah
Publisher: Crown
Published: 1997
Pages: 322
Genre: Women's Fiction/Romance

I have never, in my short time here on Blogger posting my thoughts on books, given a low rating to a book...until today. I feel so bad doing it, but I just didn't particularly care for this book. It wasn't the writing...I think Kristin Hannah has a very descriptive writing style...some of the emotions pulled me right into the pages. I felt deeply for Nick and his loss, trying to reach out to his daughter but failing, and the depths of despair that you can sink into by the actions of others. Your actions definitely affect your loved ones.

However, the romance in this story just didn't sit will with me. At the beginning of the book, Annie's husband asks her for a divorce - he is in love with someone else. She begs him to take three months to reconsider. During that time - she has her own affair - hence the basis of the story. I just can't read about infidelity like that. I mean, if there is infidelity and they decide to divorce and then get on with their lives - that is okay for me. But to base a romance on it - just doesn't do it for me. There is so much of that in the world today, I don't need to read about it in my HEA romances.

You can read more about this book and my full review here.

This was my first time reading Kristin Hannah's books - but I am not letting this particular book stop me from picking another one to read. I just don't know which one. LOL.

Rating: 1.75/5
Pages: 322
Completed: 2/20/09