Wednesday, December 19, 2007

January 2008 Reading List

I have looked over all the challenges that I belong to and I think I have come up with a tentative reading list for January. I have my challenges on a spreadsheet and have tried to work out a schedule at least with the overlaps - although it will also depend on my mood. But, some books have to be read in a certain month, mainly the Celebrate the Authors books since we are celebrating their birthdays.

Here is what I hope to accomplish:

1. Under the Lake - Stuart Woods (Celebrate, TBR, A~Z) 01/15/08; Review
2. Jacob: The Nightwalkers - Jacquelyn Frank (1st in a Series) 01/12/08; Review
3. The Gathering - Anne Enright (Notable Books & Man Booker) 02/17/08; Review
4. Dracula - Bram Stoker (Decades; 888; Chunkster; A~Z) 02/12/08; Review
5. Midnight Bayou - Nora Roberts (TBR; 888; A~Z) 01/03/08; Review
6. Animal Dialogues - Craig Childs (888)
7. Dark Fire - Christine Feehan (888 & Alt. TBR) 01/25/08; Review
8. The Painted House - John Grisham (888 & Whitcoulls) 01/21/08; Review

I own all of these books except The Gathering which I have on order from the library. There is a waiting list so I am hoping it will come in on time for January.

I do reserve the right to change this list at anytime - LOL.