Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dead to the World - Charlaine Harris

I love the Sookie Stackhouse series. She is a fantastic heroine - just a working class woman trying to make it in the world of the supernatural.

She works for a Were and dates a Vampire. She has been hunted by a serial killer; sent to Dallas to find a missing Vampire; sent to Jackson to look for her missing boyfriend, Bill the Vampire; and in Dead to the World gets drawn into a dangerous battle between witches, vampires, and werewolves.

Eric, the master vampire has lost his memory, Bill has taken off to Peru, and Jason, her brother, is abducted. What more can happen to Sookie? All I can say is, delve into the wonderful world created by Charlaine Harris and find out.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoy this series and am looking forward to reading the next one - Dead as a Doornail. There are a few short stories that happen inbetween these two that I want to read also. But Dead as a Doornail is the next full length story.

You can read my full review of Dead to the World here.

Rating: 4/5
Pages: 291
Completed: 6/6/08