Sunday, January 17, 2010

666 Paranormal Reading Challenge 2010

The 666 Paranormal Reading Challenge has changed somewhat this year. Instead of reading 6 books in 6 different categories (which I really enjoyed)...there are levels of reading that has to do with the number 6. There are 4 different levels to choose from:

6 Books – Shadow
12 Books – Wraith
18 Books – Ghoul
24 Books – Creature of the Night

Here are the Rules:

- You do not have to have a list of books prior to signing up.
- The books must be paranormal or horror, this includes things such as urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
- It can include ebooks and audiobooks.
- It can be a book that you have read before and are rereading because you love it.
- All books have to be started after December 31, 2009.

So, if you love paranormal books like I do...head on over to Morbid Romantic (who is hosting this challenge) and sign up for the fun!!!

I choose to do the Creature of the Night level and read 24 books!!

Here is my book list with links to my reviews:

  1. Night's Master by Amanda Ashley - 2/13/10