Sunday, January 10, 2010

On the Porch Swing Challenge 2010

ON THE PORCH SWING! Yahoo Group Challenge

1. Read two books whose title contains the first letter of your first and last name - for example - for me - I would read "The History of Love" or "Land of a Thousand Hills. You can do it in either order HL or LH - or do two of the same - two HL's or two LH's.... (hope this makes sense!)

My two books would be...KT or TK

2. Read two books by an author whose first name begins with a "D" - this can be two male authors - two female authors - or one of each. Since I tend to read few books by male authors, I may try to do both of mine for this challenge as male authors.

3. Read one book by a female author whose first name is Mary

4. Read a biography about someone you have always been interested in - or just pick someone you have never heard much about

5. Read a book of short stories


Alphabet Challenge - this challenge consists of keeping track of each book you read that fits the letters of the alphabet. Can you make all 26!! It will be fun to see what titles you all come up with for the letters "Q", "X", and "Z"!

You can see my progress of the Alphabet Challenge here.

Here is my book list: