Saturday, January 16, 2010

If He's Wicked - Hannah Howell

Title: If He's Wicked
Author: Hannah Howell
Publisher: Zebra
Published: 2009
Pages: 357
Genre: Historical/Paranormal
Series: Wherlocke Book #1

Hannah Howell has penned another great read as far as this reader is concerned. The suspense surrounding the hero develops to a final showdown that has you turning the pages to see how it ends. The relationship between Julian and Chloe grows each moment they are together until the passion can no longer be contained.

It all begins with a vision...Chloe has glimpses into the future that reveals to her the terrible plot against Lord Julian. Her psychic ability allows her to save Julian's newborn son from death, and warn Julian that sinister forces are indeed at hand.

You can read my full review here.

Rating: 3.75/5
Pages: 357
Completed: 1/16/10