Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heart of the Winter Wolf - Dani Harper

Title: Heart of the Winter Wolf
Author: Dani Harper
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Published: 2007
Pages: 423 (eBook)
Genre: Paranormal Romance (Wolf)

I bought this book back in 2007 when it first came out. For some reason it got lost in by TBR stack, and I am just pulling it out now. I enjoyed the book because of its paranormal aspect - I just love wolves. However, there were places that I thought the pace could have gone a little faster. It took some time before the hero and heroine got together, but when they did it was magical. I love the tortured hero theme, and James didn't disappoint.

Jillian suffered a great tragedy when she was seventeen. The only way back to her sanity was with the help of a white wolf. Throughout the years she depended on him to comfort her and guide her through the difficult times of recovery. As time went by, and the healing process gained strength, the white wolf was fading away - that is until she met James with his pale blond hair and Viking good looks. Was it a coincidence?

Changeling James MacLeod lost everything in an instant - his wife, his child, his reason for living. Filled with grief and guilt, he vowed never to walk as a human again by staying in his wolf form. That is until he meets the sexy new veterinarian, Jillian. What is it about her that pulls at his human nature; why is the wolf determined to have her; and how can he forgive the past and look towards the future?

Jillian is a strong heroine - which I like in a story - she has overcome great odds to become a determined individual making a life for herself as a veterinarian. The book not only follows the romance between James and Jillian, but there are also side stories on the trials and tribulations of a country vet. I liked the secondary characters, they added to the story without distracting from the main plot. In fact, there are a couple of characters I would like to see have their own story.

New Concepts Publishing has rated this a "sensual" romance with love scenes comparative to most romance novels published today.

Rating: 3/5
Pages: 423 (eBook)
Completed: 5/29/09